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“ABUNDANTLY GOLFING” While Helping Others

Golf4Community Presents 2020 Golf Summit and Tournament.


The Summit morning will start with free breakfast at the clubhouse.

Our fundraising golf tournament will help provide funding of golf equipment, golf lessons and mentor ship for disadvantage children. You don’t want to miss this. We are a (501c3 organization).


We are honored to have as our Featured 2020 Summit Guest Speakers:


 Dr. Melvin “Mel” Pender, Jr. – Keynote Speaker, gold medalist, speaker, and co-author of Expression of Hope: The Mel Pender Story

 Dr. Rev. Richard L. Barclay  – Keynote Speaker – The former senior minister of the Hillcrest Church of Christ in Decatur, Georgia (2006-2017), he led the
congregation in a multi-million dollar building additions and renovations. 


Registering with Golf4Community is easy. Visit our website and fill out our registration form (at https://golf4community.com/event_details.php?event_id=252)


Come and meet today’s business professionals who love the game of golf. Listen to their powerful stories as they speak at our 2nd golf summit. You will learn about becoming a mentor for children and the benefits of golf and the community. Obtain the knowledge and find out how to raise more money with a golf charity event while expanding your organizational purpose, with people through golf tournaments. Learn from their experiences, journeys and successes in the world of business and golf.

Each team will be handed lunch snacks going out to play golf. Refreshments will be on course.


Get ready for an awesome buffet dinner will be served during our awards presentation and trophy ceremony.


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