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Golfers can  joining Golf4Community to help non-profit organizations better their communities. Joining Golf4Community is a win-win for you the golfer or prospect golfer and the community. As a golfer, you get an opportunity to play your game and at the same time help the community through nonprofit organizations. You can start by registering with the Golf4Community.


Registering with Golf4Community is easy. Visit our website and fill out our registration form (at which is less than a minute task and you will be good to go.





Who can register?

You can register regardless of your score level whether a beginner, amateur or a professional golfer with golfer with 104 points and above. You can also register regardless of your professional whether you are in the service industry, manufacturing industry, in government or a veteran. All that is required is indicating one golf score level and profession simply by selecting the appropriate field while filling the registration form.

Apart from registering as an individual golfer, one can register as a golf trainer/teacher, community organizer, tournament director, an organization or a business owner.

You get the opportunity to choose to play by the timetable of your preference and invite other members to join you. You can create your playing schedule either as a single player or as a group of players. One has a choice also to register to be playing with other members or to play for tournaments only. Above all, you get the opportunity to schedule your golfing timetable depending on your availability either a regular timetable where you play on weekends or throughout the week or an irregular schedule where you play  depending on your availability. Those available throughout can also schedule to be contacted to play anytime. Indicate your preferred playing time during your registration and get the best of the Golf4Community.


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Does one require transferring from your current home Golf Course?

With over 516 golf courses all over the country one can register in, you can be assured you don’t need to transfer from your current home golf course. All you need is to select your home golf course among the over 516 golf courses in the list when registering. This way you will be a member of the Golf4Community at your current home golf course, and you will be giving back to the community as you play the game.


Benefits of registering with Golf4Community

You get enormous benefits by registering with Golf4Community whether you are a beginner, a pro golfer and even those looking forward to starting. The benefits include

  • Free golf lessons – beginners and amateur benefits from golf lessons where even the needs of the disadvantaged and physically challenged are factored in.
  • Mentorship opportunity – pro golfers get the chance to mentor other golfers and aspiring golfers giving back to the community
  • Tournaments – Registered Member’s gets an opportunity to participate in golf tournaments in various categories organized by the organization. Golf4Community holds tournaments whose profits helps the community.


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  • Networking – Golf4Community creates a networking and socialization platform where individuals from the same area, church, profession and community meet and in addition to playing golf they also interacts.
  • Products and business awareness – through the Golf4Community, entrpreneurs get an opportunity to promote their firms and products to the locals through seminars and business presentations held during the golf clinics and tournaments
  • Corporate recognition – by partnering with Golf 4 Community corporate/companies/businesses creates a strong brand awareness and equity to the communities when a corporate presents itself a sponsor of a program aimed at helping the minority and the underserved/underprivileged
  • Corporate social responsibility – Golf4Community also give corporate a platform to fulfill their corporate social responsibility goals and boost their company’s reputation
  • The benefit to the community – Profits from the Golf4Community activities help the underserved community members through non-profit organizations. These underserved members of the community also gets an opportunity to play golf, get training on how to play golf and interact with other members of the community


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Golf4Community is simply more than just playing golf. It is a great platform for those who not only have the passion for golf but also giving back to the community. Register today and enjoy the benefits while you give back to the community by filling our short registration form

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