Golf Is For Everyone

As the cold season comes to an end, the warm season is here with us, a good time for outdoor activities. Playing golf is one of the best outdoor activities advisable considering. Playing golf has immense benefits to golfers’ physical and emotional wellbeing and on average golfers live 5 years longer than non-golfers.



Golf is a universal game that has no limits whether you are young or old, male or female, an individual or a family, and even the people with special needs can now train and play golf as their needs are now put into consideration when designing the golf programs. You can enroll for golf in your nearest golf course, and for extra benefits, you can join golf organizations such as the Golf4Community. Golf4Community is a golf organization which combines the passion for golf and giving back to the community where the income generated through the organization activities are channeled back to the underserved community members directly or through charitable and nonprofit organizations.

Golf4Community is a nation wide organization supported by over 516 golf courses across different states thus you can be assured the program is within reach in your home area golf course.  Registering with Golf4Community doesn’t even require you to leave the comfort of your living room as you can register online on their website by filling a simple registration form and confirming your nearest or most convenient golf course among the listed courses. The program gives you a prime opportunity to kick-start your warm season playing golf in addition to  numerous benefits where you not only get to play the golf and enjoy golf related benefits but you will also be giving back to the community as an all in one package.

Golf4Community gives each and everyone an opportunity to play golf this season as it has a well-developed program for not only pro-golfers but also beginners and armatures, children, veterans and individuals with special needs. It will offer golf training camps and seminars to the beginners and armatures including those with special needs. There will also be tournaments held in various categories this season where winners will be recognized and honored.



Golf4Community package this season


This season Golf4Community has a basket full of goodies for you that includes:

  1. Golf training camps and seminars – There will be several golf training camps and seminars organized by the organization this season where beginners and amateurs will benefit immensely.
  2. Training and golfing programs for people with special needs – Golf4Community has a well-developed training program for training the underserved members of the community especially people with special needs which will be running this season for free. People with special needs will get free golf training under this program.IMG_3694
  3. Veteran golfing and golf training program – veterans will have something to look up to this season under the veteran golfing and golf training program.
  4. Tournaments – as usual tournaments in various golfing categories will be held this season where golfers will compete out.
  5. Socialization and networking opportunity – In addition to playing golf the organization bring together like minds and members of the same occupation, community, church or business and despite them being mere strangers to each other they get an opportunity to socialize on and off the golf course. This has proved to be beneficial to not only individuals but also corporate and organizations and we look forward to providing conducive networking and socialization opportunity.
  6. Support to the local SMEs – Golf4Community believes the local small and medium businesses are the pillars and the driving force of the local economy and thus supporting the businesses is supporting the welfare of the local communities. We give local SMEs an opportunity to showcase their products and services during our training camps and seminars a good way to market their products to the locals boosting the businesses.
  7. Giving back to the community – the core business of the organization apart from golfing is giving back to the community. All the funds collected by the organization through golfing activities are channeled back into helping the community, and we look forward to making our seasonal contribution to the various charities and non-profit organization we support. Corporations, organization, and individuals that wish to sponsor and donate to our causes this season are all welcome to register with us.

Giving Back to the Community

Register with Golf4Community now by filling the simple online registration form and start golfing this season full of benefits as you give back to the community.


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