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Golf4Community Joins Celebrities In Supporting Charity

In a bid to unite the community in giving to the less fortunate, Golf4Community joined the Otis Nixon Foundation in a Celebrity Golf Tournament. The event which was held on the 12th of September was one of the many tournaments that has been hosted by Otis Nixon and his foundation. As we all know, Otis Nixon was an MLB player who had a successful baseball career in his time. Our CEO and founder, Brad Patterson joined Otis Nixon and a host of other celebrities to take part in the tournament and other games which made the day quite fun and interesting.

If you want to know why you should attend such events, check out our previous post and you will get inspired! Like and follow our Facebook page so that you never miss out on the heartwarming messages and instances like the ones that took place at the Celebrity Golf Tournament held by the Otis Nixon Foundation. Brad took a special chance to interact with the celebrities who attended the event and he had a lot of great moments to share. Today are going to highlight Brad’s best moments during that event and you will also see why you shouldn’t miss out if you can attend!

Otis Nixon

Otis has been using his charity organization, the Otis nixon Foundation to help the less fortunate for more than 5 years now. As a former MLB player, he uses his sportsmanship influence to bring fellow celebrities together to foster solidarity and togetherness for the sake of those who need a hand to have basic needs in their daily lives. Its no wonder lots of celebrities attended, our founder and CEO being among them. Otis has organized several Celebrity Golf Tournaments through his charitable organization through the years and that has been a great inspiration to many. Brad was glad that he was able to attend not just as a celebrity guest but also as a professional golf instructor. Apart from Otis himself, here are some of the famous personalities he interacted with:

John Rocker

One of the bigwigs that Brad, our founder and CEO interacted with was John Rocker, a retired MLB pitcher for the Atlanta Braves. He is a philanthropic soul and he has been giving support to the Otis Nixon Foundation for more than 5 years now. He is a kind and approachable person and our founder was glad that they could come together once again to contribute to the less fortunate in any way that they could. Brad and John had a great chat up on the driving range and they both hit some good drives. Brad then decided to challenge John to make things a bit more interesting. ‘‘Let’s see how close you can hit your driver to the ducks at the far end of the fairway.’’ Brad said. The fairway was about 290 yards away and John accepted the challenge!

Brad took the first turn of the downhill shot and his ball landed about 20 yards short of the ducks which were on the right side of the fairway. After that, John took his turn and his shot landed the ball about 30 yards away from the fairway on the left side of the ducks! When Brad saw that he was the winner he said in a jovial tone ‘‘I got you on this one John!’’ and John said, ‘‘I was aiming at the 3rd duck on the left side.’’ Despite their competitiveness as sportsmen, they shared a great time for the sake of bringing the community together. It was such a pleasant moment for both of them.

Ron Grant



Ron Grant was also among the celebrities that our founder got to interact with. He is also a former all-star player of the Atlanta Braves and currently he is the co-anchor of Good Day Atlanta at Fox 5. You must have already seen him countless times on TV. If you attend a Celebrity Golf Tournament that Ron has attended he is one of the guys you can easily interact with n person.

Brad, our founder and CEO practiced with him for a short while on the range. Ron worked on his short game for a while and he hit some nice shots with his wedge during the practice. He could have been a great counterpart in the tournament. Unfortunately, due to his tight schedule, Ron wasn’t able to participate in the game. But then even in his tight schedule, he was able to take time off the studio to support the Otis Nixon Foundation by being there for the less fortunate.

As you can see from Brad’s moments, a Celebrity Golf Tournament is one of the most enjoyable events you can attend. Take some time to join the celebrities and you will create memories that you can cherish for the rest of your life! Register with us to stay updated so that you never miss out on any upcoming Celebrity Golf Tournaments! Join us in our inspirational and tireless quest to bring Love, Hope and Faith to all those who need bright moments in their darkest hours of needs.