Why Attending Celebrity Golf Charities Is Fun and Exciting!

Currently in the US and all over the world, there are lots of other organizations and important/famous people who have a cause similar to that of Golf4community. Numerous individuals do what they can to give a hand to the less fortunate to enhance the spirit of togetherness. Celebrities have time and again used their popularity and influence to encourage donations and to share with those who cannot adequately provide for themselves.

If you want to be part of such a cause, sign up here and we will be proud to have you as part of our team. On the other hand, if you feel philanthropic enough to share the little you have, you can just hit the donate button and you will be done in a few quick minutes. Some of the most popular events carried out for the cause of sharing are Celebrity Golf Tournaments. You must be wondering what such an event would be like. Don’t worry, in today’s post you will know all about these events and why you shouldn’t miss out if you have a chance.

At the beginning of last week on the 12th of September, our founder Brad Patterson, attended a celebrity golf tournament hosted by the Otis Nixon Foundation. It was hosted by the legendary Major League Baseball player, Otis Nixon. He was a force to be reckoned with in his time when he played as a center fielder and switch-hitter, hitting a total of 11 home runs in his career. If you follow our Facebook updates, you must have had a glimpse of the awesome moments our founder shared during this event. Here is why you shouldn’t miss out on such events:

The Celebrities

We are not just talking about a bunch of personalities. The Celebrity Golf Charity event brought out the big guns especially in the sporting industry. Starting from Otis Nixon himself. If you have a hint of passion in sports, then you can meet your favorite stars in this event. Brad Patterson, our founder and CEO met with his professional peers and it was an amazing time for him and Golf4Community as a whole. He even admitted that even though sportsmen are naturally competitive, at such an event, all that is set aside.

It only becomes about giving, sharing connecting and having a great time! Other big names that Brad got to interact with are: the two-time Olympian Melvin Pender, Ron Grant the former baseball player now a news anchor at Fox 5, Artis Gilmore the basketball player and John Rocker, the former baseball pitcher for the Atlanta Braves. And these are just a few of the names that were there, you should attend to have a first-hand experience!

More than Just Playing Golf

Of course, your first reason might be to get a glimpse of your favorite celebrity icons making their way around the golf course. There are still a few extra features you can still count on.


For example, you can get to watch some interesting challenges such as the closest to the pin contest and longest drive contest. There is usually a lot of cheering which brings high spirits. In the longest drive challenge the winner is determined by distance traveled. Such mini-tournaments within the Celebrity Golf Tournament provide excellent opportunities to get closer to the participants and maybe even interact with them.

Big Memories

The Otis Nixon Foundation hosted the event at Marietta Golf Club which is undeniably one of the most beautiful places you can visit. The scenery is amazing and you can even be accompanied by your whole family. You can even book a room at one of the properties for some afternoon and evening fun to make some unforgettable memories.

One of the best things about Celebrity Golf Tournaments is that you can get close to the celebrities and even have a few autographs. Furthermore, you can take a few photos with the stars and rub it in all your friend’s faces with some clever hashtags all over social media.

Everything that takes place at the event encourages togetherness and sharing among the community. Make a point of rising up to the occasion to make a difference whenever you can. You can start by registering with us at and you shall be informed of the next Celebrity Golf Tournament so that you don’t miss out!