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Planning for a golf event is not just an act of setting a date and getting a venue, it entails much more. It is a science of bringing resources together including time and human skills in a step by step process to ensure an event is successful. The success of an event is largely determined by the preparations taken before the event, and thus planning cannot be overlooked. We, the Golf4Community we are among the organizations that organize and plans for golf events to raise funds for charity not just for our course but also for other organization. We have made a name for our self in the charity world in organizing golf for charity events having successfully planed several golf events since 2013. Lack of planning or inadequate planning is the main contributor to the failure of most golf events. Organizations fail to adequately plan for golf events for various reason that include the inability to understand the need for proper planning, lack of understanding what planning entails and lack of information on the existence of firms/organizations that can successfully plan the event for them and the need for letting the experts do the job.




Why plan for a golf event?  There are many reasons why one should plan adequately for a golf event that includes: –

  1. Planning gives a clearer view of what the event requires eliminating the possibility of overlooking any of the requirements. The planning process is a step by step process, and in every stage, the planner asks them self critical questions. Example, what’s the golf event; is it a tournament or a golf training camp? When and where will the event be held? Who is the target population; is it the community or the outsider? Does the event require sponsors and donors? Will there be meals/drinks? Will there be prizes to be won? These critical questions give a clearer insight of the requirements of the event.
  2. Through adequate planning, the planner is able to identify the right date that doesn’t collide with festivals, public holidays and other special days observed by communities. The planner is also able to book the most appropriate venue for the event after considering factors such as cost of the golf course, accessibility of the golf course by the target group, the rules and regulations of the golf course and their effect on the event among other factors.
  3. Planning ensures the right target group has been identified and reached through marketing and advertising. Example if the target group is women, the planner exploits all revenues to reach women including marketing in women groups, ladies schools, and local churches among others.
  4. Planning facilitates budgeting of the event where every activity is allocated adequate resources. Example through planning the planner may find out the most appropriate golf course is for hire, the attendants may take breakfast, lunch and dinner during the day of the event and others may require to be offered golf clubs. With this in mind, the planner allocates enough funds for hiring the golf course, catering and hiring golf equipment. Budgeting eliminates the possibility of the event failing due to lack of sufficient funds or misappropriation of funds.



What does planning for a golf event entail? – Planning is a process and involves several things that include:-

  1. Clearly understanding the aim of the event and setting goals and objective in line with the purpose.
  2. Setting date and booking a venue/golf course early enough
  3. Sourcing adequate resource; funds and personnel to achieve each and every objective
  4. Identifying the target population and marketing the event.

Why should you leave the expert to do the planning? Letting the experts in planning handle the job is highly recommended especially if your organization does not have experts in planning. Organizations exist that can handle the planning thoroughly ensuring the success of your golf event most probably at a fraction of the money you would waste trying to do it yourself. Letting the experts handle the job has numerous other advantages that include:

  1. Experts in events planning come on board with more than planning; they also manage the event for you as an all in one package.
  2. They bring skills and experience in planning and management of events on board that your organization may lack. With the expertise and experience, the experts are less likely to make mistakes as planning is a routine to them. They are more apt to see a problem before it happens, they are able to avoid pit holes in the planning of the golf event and if a problem happens they are in a better position to handle the problem than an ordinary person would.
  3. Experts also bring resources with them. In addition to human skills in event planning and management, the planners or their organization may have other skills, for example, they may have golf trainers and golf professionals  who may be useful in the event. They may also have tools and equipment such as public address system, tents, seats and golf equipment that may come in handy in the golf event.
  4. Event planners also come on board with a web of linkages. They are well linked with golf courses, golfers, golf sponsors, the authority and donors among other influential individuals and organization and this can be advantageous to your organization.

Two couples play golf together

Two couples play golf together


Adequate planning is thus paramount to any successful golf event and this in not just mere setting of a date and getting avenue. Rather it is a step by step process of bringing resources together that requires expertise. Instead of wasting precious time and money trying to organize a golf event it is more advisable to let the experts do it for you as it not only saves you the agony and frustrations but also comes with other added advantages. Golf4Community is one of the organizations that plans and manages golf events for charity and if you require their assistant you can easily contact them. What’s more you can also advertise your golf for charity event on the Golf4Community website and reach out to numerous and diverse golfers, donors, golf sponsors, and other charity organizations. Avoid the hustle and frustration let the experts organize the golf event for you.




Golf4 Slider Non Profit

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