How We Help The Less-Fortunate In The Society

Golf4Community is a 501(c) (3) nonprofit organization that is dedicated to combining the love for a better society and the love of golf in an effort to give support to the less-fortunate. We provide all the help we can afford to those who have no shoulder to lean on; from the homeless, the sick, to the mentally and physically challenged and most importantly veterans. Starting from our founder and CEO, Bradford Patterson, we have a team of golf professionals who are highly skilled in teaching the art of adaptive golf. Golf is a unique sport in the sense that it provides a powerful platform through which the less-fortunate can improve their quality of life and feel that they too, are part of the society.

Golf and Physical & Mental Rehabilitation

Golf is a sport that personifies balance, endurance, flexibility as well as mental discipline for the player. In its purest form, a fruitful and effective rehabilitation program will require all these qualities. As a charity organization, Golf4Community uses golf to provide companionship, solidarity and true and lifelong friendship to the less-fortunate and the disabled so that we can integrate them into to the society as a whole. Every single person enrolled in our program matters, register today to be part of the team that gives them a shot at a better life.

Fundraising and Charity Events

We organize charity tournaments and fundraising so that we can raise money that will help in acquiring the basic needs such as food, clothing, shelter, education and even medical facilities for those who are not able to afford them. We also use raise funds to buy equipment and material that is needed for the physical and mental rehabilitation for the disabled.

If you feel like donating now, you don’t have to wait up to the date that we hold a charity event or a fundraising. Just hit the DONATE button on our home page or click here to donate right now!

Golf4Community For Charity

Support for Veterans

When it comes to veterans, we go all in for the help that we can provide them. Apart from just addressing their immediate needs we work to provide them with tools that can help them in rebuilding their lives. We give them a hand so that they can get back the self-sufficiency and self-reliance that they need to fit wholly into the society. Since we are their friends and family, we also help them reconnect with their blood relatives and their friends.

On several occasions we have been asked; Why focus mainly on veterans when there are so many other people that need help? Well, this is an excellent question. At Golf 4 Community we pay special attention to veterans mainly because the challenges that they face are significantly different when compared to the problems faced by the general population.


Some of the experiences that veterans go through include:

  1. prolonged separation from the traditional support that is offered by both friends and family
  2. extremely stressful training and occupational demands
  3. physical and/or mental trauma sustained during combat service

When anyone lives through such conditions it ends up affecting their self-esteem, personalities and all in all, their abilities to function well and cope in a regular or rather normal civilian society. This is what veterans go through after their service. Besides, the majority of the veterans were brave enough to sign up for the military at a relatively young age before they were able to acquire the necessary skills that can be transferable to civilian employment. For that reason, they are highly susceptible to unemployment as well as homelessness.

If you know any veteran that needs help, please let us know or have him or her reach out to us today. Even better, you can start being part of our community for the needy by registering today. Remember, every person counts. There is a lot that you can do!

The veterans risked their lives when we needed them most and since one good turn deserves another we have to join our hands to help them as much as we can because they require our help now. Join our mission in making sure that our veterans have the basic needs for a better life. Register now to make your first step to making a real difference.